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How Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive (hsd) Technology Works? What is Hybrid Synergy Drive? Japanese automotive brand, Toyota, revolutionized the way a hybrid car works. Toyota introduced a technology called Hybrid Synergy Drive which is a full hybrid technology; i.e with this technology, the car can cover a distance of 1.5 km - 16 km in various modes even without the engine running. Hybrid Synergy Drive - Wikipedia Called Toyota Hybrid System for initial Prius generations, THS was followed by THS II in the 2004 Prius, with subsequent versions termed Hybrid Synergy Drive. The THS relied on the voltage of the battery pack: between 276 and 288 V. The Hybrid Synergy Drive adds a DC to DC converter boosting the potential of the battery to 500 V or more. This allows smaller battery packs to be used, and more powerful motors.

The Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive System Toyota perfected the series/parallel or "strong" hybrid to deliver the energy-saving benefit of a series hybrid together with the acceleration benefit of a parallel hybrid. Gasoline-electric Hybrid Synergy Drive - Gasoline-Electric Hybrid Synergy Drive ZVW30 Series . ii Foreword This guide was developed to educate and assist dismantlers in the safe handling of Toyota Prius gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles. Prius dismantling procedures are similar to other non-hybrid Toyota vehicles with the exception of the high voltage electrical system. It is important to recognize and understand the high voltage.

Case Study: Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive - The HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE computer oversees operation of the entire system, determining which engine/MG should be running, or if both should be in use, or shutting off the internal combus- tion engine when the electric motor is sufficient to provide the power. Prius Hybrid Drive Explained Animated explanation of the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, with its petrolengine, two motor-generators, planetgearset and big battery. Modeled in Blender, rendered in the Blender Game Engine.

Toyota Hybrid System - Széchenyi István Egyetem As a result, Hybrid Synergy Drive has been developed, which markedly increases power performance, improves acceleration performance, and at the same time achieves the highest degree of environmental performance in the world. Modeling, Simulation And Control Of Hybrid Electric ... titled “Evaluation of 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive System” prepared by Mitch Olszewski, program manager [2]. This was a thorough evaluation of the vehicle by means of a complete tear down of the motor drive system, where all aspects of the sub-systems were tested for performance Goals of this evaluation were to characterize the performance of the electical and mechanical system.

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