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Landscaping Insurance | Progressive Commercial Basic landscaping and lawn care insurance: General Liability: This is the most common form of landscaping liability insurance. It covers instances of bodily injury, property damage and other liabilities for which your business is responsible. Certain clients might consider this coverage a prerequisite to working for them. Landscaping Business Liability Insurance Cost ... Landscaping insurance is a specialized form of general liability insurance, which means that third parties unassociated with your company are covered by this insurance. For insurance that covers your own employees, talk with an agent at Contractors Insurance about a package that includes Worker’s Compensation.

Landscaping Business Liability Insurance | Trusted Choice Why Do I Need Landscaping Insurance? Working outside can be amazing, what with the fresh air, sunshine and exercise. However, it can be a dangerous job with dangerous equipment, dangerous tasks and dangerous materials. Landscaping Insurance - Great Coverage For Your ... Is Liability Insurance for Landscaping Right for Me? What About My Other Work? Lots of our customers do more than one activity. You might find yourself doing classic landscaping work one day, fixing a light fixture the next, and helping a customer hang a picture the following day.

Lawn Care Insurance - Liability Insurance For Landscaping ... Learn how Hiscox can protect your landscaping business with landscaping liability insurance. Build your landscaping insurance plan and get a fast and free quote for as low as $22.50/mo. Build your landscaping insurance plan and get a fast and free quote for as low as $22.50/mo. Comprehensive Landscaping Business Insurance Coverage ... Landscaping General Liability Insurance may cover the cost of third-party lawsuits over property damage, slip-and-fall injuries, and reputational injuries. Landscapers have to work at their clients' homes and places of business, which means that mistakes could lead to substantial property damage. And we're not just talking about broken windows. Drainage issues, dead trees, pesticide problems, and dozens of other landscaping hazards could cost you thousands of dollars in legal bills.

Landscaping Insurance: Cost, Coverage & Providers Cost of Landscaping Business Insurance. The cost of lawn care insurance is $400 to $600 per year for most small business owners. However, this is for general liability coverage alone, which may not be sufficient for landscaping businesses with employees and commercial vehicles. Landscaping Drainage Contractors Liability Insurance ... Landscaping and Drainage Liability Insurance Over 40,000 trade and construction customers have chosen our combined liability policy to protect their business.

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